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Mothergunship [Update 1] (2018) PC | RePack от SpaceX

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Mothergunship [Update 1] (2018) PC | RePack от SpaceX Год выхода: 2018
 Жанр: Action, FPS, 3D
 Разработчик/Издательство: Terrible Posture Games / Grip Digital
 Язык интерфейса:  EN/FR/DE/ES/PL +  Русский
 Язык озвучки:  Английский
 Тип издания: RePack
 Таблетка: Вшита (PLAZA) 

Операционная система: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 (64 Bit)
 Процессор: Intel® Core™ i3 2.66 GHz
 Оперативная память: 4096 Mb
 Звуковая плата: Аудиокарта, совместимая с DirectX® 9.0с
 Графический ускоритель: 2048 Mb, OpenGL 3.0
 Свободное место на HDD: 5 Gb

MOTHERGUNSHIP – это гремучая смесь даммаку с шутером от первого лица! А такой хитрой системы кастомизации оружия ты ни в одной игре не видел! Продемонстрируй инженерную мысль арийского гения, попробуй динамичные перестрелки с запредельным количеством врагов, сражайся с огромными боссами, и брось вызов Величайшему Злу — тяжеловооруженному кораблю-матке.
Update 1 (The Namengineers Update)

Below you can find the CHANGELOG:

- New pops for many existing rooms
- Rebalanced Weapons, energy recharge, mob, mission difficulty, and bullet speed, settings to have a narrower spread between low tier and high tier, resulting in easier earlier game, mostly unaffected late game, and slightly more difficult Endless mode super-late game
- New endgame repeatable mission using Reactor Set, allowing for better construction of more planned out guns, farming of more money, and farming of more parts
- New Reactor Set and 40 new rooms, mission icons, custom action and ambient music, and mission map screen ships
- Additional Acute, Foundry rooms, neon and MGS rooms
- New Drill Jaw, Electric Hound, Dreadbot, Rolling Energy Turret mobs
- New Hazards and Tools: Energy Pylon, Shock Geyser, Shock spikes, Shock floor type
- New PipeMail system
- New hurtloot loot and diceroll room type
- Additional death/win VO lines added
- New reactor system parts: 3 barrels and one connector
- New Keyloot and timer door room types
- New Airlock type: Loot airlock
- New Shop type: Mystery item
- New Dragon Boss
- New DamageType to support electrical themed mobs and elements
- New miniboss mobtypes, UI elements, population schemas, and
- Challenges added
- Addition entire new story campaign with localization
- New electrical dropped mines for player and mobs
- Added Reactor maps to endgame loop

- Many Many Gap, pathing, navmesh, visual, collision, spawning, performance, sizeflag, and other kinds of fixes for many existing rooms of all sets
- Blocked ability to emote during crafting or other submenu usage
- Fixed bug in airlocks potentially softlocking player in a combat room
- Many Typo fixes to main campaign, general dialog, and subsystem strngs
- Secret accessibility fixes for MGS
- Fixed potential problems with barrel barrel collision
- Improved stacking/unstacking logic
- Improved user invites on PRESS START screen scenarios
- Connection error improvements and revised logging
- HUD invitation adjustments for visual clarity
- Achievement unlock bugfixes for HOPPY FROGGY
- Fixed Timer countdown for server based invites
- Added airlock safeguards to softlock
- Optimized a few FX for performance
- Fixed issues with gunparts not being shown on host when emoting
- Improved part-selling hitches on consoles
- Added crash protection for replication scenarios involving actor destruction
- Switched out nicknames for onlineID during matchmaking for clarity
- Fixed issues with missing attachment data on mob beginplay
- Localized many errors and connection issues for better future reporting
- Improved station interaction icon behavior problems where interact icon could get stuck
- Fixed issue with pause menu still allowing player movement input
- Fixed bug with parts being improperly marked as equipped during loadout
- Fixed potential infinite loop in item inventory and overall inventory performance issues
- Improved shop text layout readability
- Fixed issue with game language being forced to whatever OS language was
- Fixed issue with Energy recharge getting locked to 0
- Fixed some doors in neon and MGS that were forced to always be shops
- Fixed some issues with secrets not spawning loot correctly
- Fixed exploits with some mobs being unable to properly aim if you ran too close to them
- Fixed map loading exploits in main menu
- Fixed issues with some challenges not completing in a bunch of roomsОсобенности RePack

  • Установи и играй!
  • За основу взята лицензия Steam (ID: 574090)
  • Версия игры: v1.0 от 10.10.2018
  • EN/RU Инсталлер
  • Запуск игры с рабочего стола
  • Смена языка в меню игры
  • Качество аудио 100%
  • Качество видео 100%

::Релиз от SpaceX::

Mothergunship [Update 1] (2018) PC | RePack от SpaceX
Категория: download / action/шутер

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